On A Timer

There’s something within that just, kinda, kicks me when a few days have passed and I haven’t blogged. It’s not, necessarily, a bad or powerful kick, but I feel the urge to write and it comes out in one shape or form or another.

And then, Muffin sent me something he wanted me to post without telling his girl. When I read it, I laughed out loud. I think it’s because I know these two people but wasn’t too clear on how they started out… I made some minor edits and then posted it up. I don’t think Cupcake has seen it yet, but… it made me smile.

You can read it HERE!!

Life surprises me sometimes. It really shouldn’t… I mean, things just (somehow) get really messed up before turning right-side-up again. And when it is upright again, things weren’t as they were, everything is slightly misaligned, and humans just have to learn to adjust and deal with it. I think it’s something everyone does except the more immature complain about it whereas the more mature just deal with it.

Still… this is a nice surprise for Cupcake, that’s for sure. This girl has been powering on forEVER and to have her finally find someone, it’s a miracle that only God could have pulled off. I wonder about them sometimes, especially when Cupcake messages me about things and posts, but I have told her that she ought to find a niche and grow her blog… become a paid blogger. She’s an odd-ball enough! She can make it work.

But, no… she insisted on keeping their blog here, with me. … for now. heh.

Seeing life flow, ebb, twist, and turn… I’ve found that, I’m truly stuck in a knowledge illusion. And, though I’m working my way out of it… I’m still very much in it. So… yup!


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