A New Birdie…

I thought I’d move on, close this blog and open a new blog in the works… and then, a perky person approached me and asked to host her blog. The secrets to so many celebrities being happy was part of this girl’s work… and why she asked me? … Cupcake told her to.

I’m not sure why she asked me… but she claimed, she wanted to work with normal people with normal issues and stuff. Tired of celebrities trying to gain access to happiness and friendships where they talked and she listened… she wanted to be with normal people, talk with people like herself, working gals and guys with non-materialistic lives to manage.

We debated on a blog name… We had a lot of talking to do… and then, she went with what came naturally to her… being happy and helping others find happiness in what they did in their lives.

So… for a while, until she figures out if she wants to continue the blogging lifestyle or not, here she is… TheHappynessGuru!! (Yeah, I was surprised the name wasn’t taken, too.)

She’s not a psychiatrist or a Happiness Coach (I didn’t know those existed…) but a friend to those in need and those who seek her, apparently, figure out happiness in their own lives.

So… check her out and see if you like what she writes and stuff. Apparently, I should start a hosting blog and just feature these people who, like me, are scared of starting their own lifestyle blogs and etc… LOL!

Three posts in one day… Wow. Feels like a lot… Good night!


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