Biggest Fears

It’s not that I don’t love blogging, it’s simply that I don’t know how much of myself to share without over sharing or under sharing. There are so many people in this world who are complaining about big data and how we over expose ourselves to dangers due to our activity on social media. I guess, I’m worried about being tracked down because of something I put out there that someone else doesn’t quite agree with.

I think, when I am asked to host someone, it’s different. I mean, I have a chance to read into their lives and they have a chance to work with me to bring out their lives to the public.

Most recently, I had to delete handheldsight, a collaboration between three friends. One guy is from China but reaching him was rather difficult. One friend is from America, but her life is picking up and she’s getting busier. The last friend is from Africa. From what I know, he is younger than the rest but very ambitious and never really posted.

It was an odd sort of partnership they were willing, to an extent, share together. But, due to a lack of commitment to the cause, their partnership fell apart; their collaboration broken. From what I know, two are still friends, the other is in the wind.

… I guess, that’s why people work on blogs on their own or with their spouse. There is reliability and commitment where trust and consistency needs to be.

So… now, I just need to figure out a niche. Lol…


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