A Whole New World

Thanks FORBES for guiding me! As I rework myself into better form before launching a blog for myself in my own domain and all that stuff! Oh yes, working on a lot of stuff and reworking a lot of good things to make it an even better thing!!

~ Releasing my new Happy birdie ~

After deciding to start my own thing, I’ve decided to release those who are on my site and offer to help set up their own if they need it. I wanted to make sure she got everything she wanted but, as it is, I can’t talk about what happened, but in short; she is starting a new part of her life and won’t have as much time to blog. Its interesting because most people in her situation want to blog more but, somehow, she says she wants to do videos instead of just writing on paper. LOL!

o{|=] Muffin + Cupcake [=|}o

Of the sweeter people I know and have kept the blog for, Muffin & Cupcake are fun and cute. I’ve never explored more infographic sites than with them than I have ever. I mean, we enjoy the simple things but, doing designs and stuff, this was fun. Plus, Cupcake is of the cuter people in this world. Muffin was… he’s hilarious in person and quite sincere when it comes to Cupcake, but he never did get along to blogging more. Which was a shame because, getting both sides of the story is always more fun than just one side, right? Not to mention, men and women think VERY differently, which changes things and makes others, as it is, more appealing, eh? hehe!


I was sitting in a room with Cupcake as we talked about setting up my own full-on blog and… it was hilarious!! I’d only landed on “This Wayward Girl” because I wasn’t sure of my direction, my future, or my plans, which was a very good definition of ‘wayward’ and stuff… So, it fit and I went with it. … We tried to think up names for myself and my own blog and, hers were quite ridiculous… but, when we found one I liked, we tugged on the string and found more… and one that I liked. There’s more to come but… looking around for something good!

It’s A WHOLE NEW WORLD for me…


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