Surviving Without Water

Ever been through it? A whole house full of workers, broke pipes, unable to turn on the water, and you need to survive without doing anything that may be considered too drastic. So… how do you survive?

(1)  Fill buckets and pitchers full of water. Use sparingly and carefully. Try to only use to filter water to drink and to flush the toilet. Or go out during the day and only bucket flush at night, when you need to.

(2)  Shower at a friend’s house. If you have a close friend who wouldn’t mind sharing their shower with you, but sure to ask them to see if you can either bring them snacks or a drink, so that you can shower and get clean.

(3)  Drink less water. Aside from the required mLs of water required during the day, try not to go over it. First of all, it reduces the use of the restroom. Secondly, it reduces water poisoning, that’s right (it happens)! Lastly, my limiting your water, your body gets rid of excess water the right way, flushing out toxins, and not overwhelming your body with  shocking new way to live.

(4)  DON’T stress out. Stressing out leads to eating more, sleepless nights, uncomfortable feelings in normally comfortable situations, and, if you’re an introvert; stressing out will overwhelm your body, in worst case scenarios; your body will go into shock and survival mode. Most extroverts don’t feel the difference, but introverts can reaction drastically to the simplest changes to their most comfortable situations. That’s just how it is. Respect each other and help each other out when it happens.

(5)  Live a simple life!! Simplifying your life can take away unneeded stress and pains to the situations. Try to limit your traveling, your work, and bring your lifestyle down to simpleness because you need to limit yourself in a way you hadn’t needed to for a good while. This can also show you who cares for you, who to keep around, and who may be unnecessary to your life. Seriously!


It’s much simpler than you think it is. Truly. Remember to stay calm, think with a clear head, and remember that it happens to everyone. Downgrade your lifestyle so that you can be relaxed during a stressful time and do your best to put the others to ease around you. You can do it!!

Inspired by personal experiences!



3 thoughts on “Surviving Without Water

    1. I put that in my post! But, I did say don’t OVER drink water… some people freak out and drink more… which results in water poisoning, acid reflex, and (sometimes) diarrhea… but hehe thanks for reading!

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